There are few things more satisfying and delightful than a well-packed bento, which is the inspiration for this clickable one: to dig into our upcoming concert, to share points of interest about the venues and neighborhoods, and to direct you toward some yummy food!

In our research about bentos (consisting wholly of the pertinent Wikipedia article), we came across the apt factoid that two of the original bento boxes were the makuno-uchi bento and ekibento which, respectively, were sold at intermission during Noh and Kabuki performances and sold at train stations, just as ours are meant to sustain you through your commutes and enhance the concert experience.

Our first bento is dedicated to this weekend’s concerts with Alkemie and Elliot Cole, Saturday in Staten Island at the Noble Maritime Collection, and Sunday in Brooklyn at Areté Venue and Gallery. We hope to see you there! And please do let us know what you think about this new experiment!


  • About the Concert: the Artists & Venues
  • Watch + Listen
  • For the Train & Ferry Ride: Reading List
  • Things to do


+ Alkemie (the band)

+ Elliot Cole (the composer-storyteller)

+ SI venue: The Noble Maritime Collection [and check out this surprisingly touching video profile via PBS]

+ BKN venue: Areté Venue and Gallery


+ Alkemie + Elliot: a YouTube playlist + British History Podcast – King Arthur, Part 1 (Spotify, iTunes, website)


+ “Life isn’t all quests and tournaments,” a Q&A with Alkemie’s Sian Ricketts

+ Elliot Cole’s Notes: (from the composer)

+ Full text: the stanzaic Morte Arthur [warm up your middle English]


Near The Noble Maritime Collection, Snug Harbor, Staten Island

+ NYT: “A Very Full Day at Snug Harbor

+ Happening nearby: Winter Lantern Festival

  • 10% off discount code: MUSEUM10
  • 16% off two tickets via Groupon

+ Food and drink: 

Near Areté Venue and Gallery, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

+ Scene route: East River Ferry

+ Views: WNYC Transmitter Park (4 min walk)

+ Food & drink:

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